Katka and Mic traveled around Asia for 18 months. David is on his big african advenure at the moment. Bob is currently experimenting with a location independent lifestyle in South America. Kaja is travelling overland from Iran to Indonesia. Nina and Simon do everything, from backpacking to 4×4 overland. And the best part? They all have travel blogs, where you can follow their adventurous journeys around the world.

Katka and Mic – I need toilet paper

Traveled around Asia for 18 months. Drank all the tea of Sri Lanka, used loads of toilet paper in India, hiked the biggest mountains in Nepal, got fat in Thailand and made friends with shamans of Mentawai jungle before snorkelling through Bali and Banda islands. We’ve paid respect to at least 265 Myanmar’s stupas, enjoyed sweet Vietnamese coffee and even tried the duck embryo in Philippines before taking a break in Laos.

After realising you can travel in Japan on a low-budget, we want to move to Tokyo. Or Bali. Or anywhere! But in the mean time we’ll be writing budget tips for traveling and itineraries. Long live and travel.

David Cafuta – Race to Africa

David Cafuta
My name is David Cafuta, ”Halozan” by Slovenian region. 12 years I have served to my country as a professional soldier, where I did learned skills and knowledge for life and how to survive in the wild. I’m sitting on a motorcycle since my 15 years and in this time I have already reached enviable experiences on my way in this time. By my heart I’m a biker, adventurer, lover of nature, people animals and plants.

Purpose of my blog is to show the world, especially the unknown world to you. To share with you all of my experiences, adventures, joys, sadness and everything else that happens to me in my life adventure. Currently I´m on my way around Africa and my goal is to visit 42 countries. Why? Desire to learn about other cultures, people, nature. To search “myself” and to find a place to survive in the moment. On my decision also influence dissatisfaction with the current situation in the country and how it is handled with situation. Of course, the main cause is love to ride on a motorcycle, ride on an unlimited paved and unpaved route where I’m happy and this is the most important to me.

Nina and Simon – Nina Travels

Nina Potuje
Simon are travellers behind Nina Travels blog. They are not long-term travellers, at least not yet, but from their travel blog, it actually looks like they are coming home just to do the laundry and leave again. They both have full-time jobs, but want to show people this is no obstacle.

The magic to travel intensively is in good planning. Their travel blog is full of useful information and tips, no matter what your travel style is – they do everything, from backpacking to 4×4 overland. Last but not least – the blog is called Nina Travels because it was first just Nina behind it, but then she met Simon and now they do this travel blog together.

Kaja Šeruga – Rambling days

I’m Kaja – Slovenian by birth, Berlinerin by residence, an incurable traveller by default. Any hopes of my leading a quiet and predictable life were doomed from the start – as the daughter of a travel writer and a journalist I grew up on a steady diet of National Geographic and went on my first round-the-world trip at the age of five. My first year-long solo trip at 18 further fuelled my raging addiction to the unknown and today my degree in cultural anthropology does a nice job of disguising my Wanderlust as academic zeal.
I love to hike across formidable mountain ranges, run on remote trails and blow bubbles 30 metres under the surface of the ocean, but first I travel because of the people who I stumble upon and the myriad different stories they have to tell.

At the moment I am travelling overland from Iran to Indonesia, always on the lookout for interesing stories and indulging my love for research and travel writing on www.ramblingdays.com.

Bob Ramšak – Piran Café

There is no real Piran Café but I like to think of it as my destination, a place where I’ll one day host weary travelers, underemployed artists and musicians, poets, priests, prisoners and politicians, and other voices of desperate illumination. Until then, it will remain my notebook, where my passions for travel, art, culture and justice have met and intersected since 2006.

I travel often —and travel forms the backbone of the site— but Piran Café is not a typical travel blog. It’s a collection of experiences, images, moments and vignettes, both long-form and short, connected and propelled by those primary passions and published on the site to inform, engage and hopefully entertain.

I’m a reporter, photographer and editor by trade, born in Piran (then Yugoslavia), but spent virtually all of my life in the U.S., mainly in Ohio. Choosing to watch George W. Bush’s re-election from afar, I relocated to Slovenia in May 2004 and have since called Ljubljana home. Over the past few years I’ve spent more time out of Slovenia than in, mainly in South America where I’m currently experimenting with a location independent lifestyle.