I planned to do my second yoga teacher training this April In Sri Lanka with Jesse Barlow Yoga at Yoga and Tea Sri Lanka. Since the Covid-19 outbreak many yoga teacher trainings shifted to online courses, including Jesse Barlow Yoga. Since I was stuck in Morocco I jumped on the train and attend my first online yoga teacher training with Jesse Barlow Yoga.

The Teacher – Jesse Barlow

Jesse Barlow runs yoga teachers trainings and retreats in Sri Lanka, Morocco and Canada.

The reason I joined Jesse Barlow Online Yoga Teacher Training is simply because I had a chance to meet Jesse Barlow here in Morocco. I attended couple of his workshops and I liked his style of teaching. Jesse Barlow has 10 years of experiences. He created his classes and workshops with individuals in mind – we will all make the same pose, but not the single pose will look the same, as we look to each other.

His individualistic approach with background in Thai massage, supported with vast knowledge in yoga philosophy and history, delivered as simple as possible – what else could I ask for?

As I created and designed this online program there were several important values for me to keep in mind throughout the process.  It was imperative that while different in many ways than an in person training quality and integrity of the program cannot be sacrificed – Jesse Barlow

To accommodate the scheduling, commitments and time zone concerns of all students the program is self paced.  Jesse was there to motivate and/or to provide space on a student to student bases. 

Before the Course – What do you need?

There are a few things that you need to take care of before the course.

  • The devices – to access the course you need a laptop or tablet, whatever is more accessible to you. Some things are easier on laptop, some things are easier on tablet – you find your own way. If you want to participate in the group Whats app chat your smart phone will be enough.
  • The connection – make sure to have a good connection or wi-fi, especially before Zoom meetings. Teachers recorded Zoom meetings and you can always return back to review the meeting in lesson. But in order to be part of discussion after or during the lecture is best If you are present during actual meeting.
  • Zoom Account – In order to attend Zoom meeting, you need to set up your Zoom account. It’s free and very easy to set up your account.
  • Teachable Account – Like Zoom, set up a Teachable account is easy and free.
  • Yoga Glo Account – for your daily asana practice you will need Yoga Glo Account/App. Price 20$ for one month.
  • Yoga Mat – place your favourite yoga mat in your favourite yoga space for practice and get ready for your yoga journey.
  • Jesse Barlow Contact Info – You will receive Jesses contact information after signing-up for the course.

The Course – Yoga Foundations

This 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Foundations course is designed to deepen your practice. It gives you the tools to guide your very own dynamic, original, safe and well-rounded yoga class upon graduation. Practice, Practice, Practice is the central theme for this month-long training. But don’t forget the program is self-paced. Therefore you can take as much time as you need. Daily practice of asanas, pranayama, meditation and by engaging in discussion, debate, and discourses the aim is to go beyond the theoretical and to embody the multidimensional yoga experience.

The “self – study” online component of the course is supported by the learning platform Teachable. There you can find a manual and many Jesse’s video tutorials.

The “contact” hours of the program is supported by two zoom sessions daily .  In addition Jesse had daily office hours where students can call to ask questions via WhatsApp or Skype to get clarity on content or receive Jesse’s perspective on asana alignment.

The course’s curriculum is following the standards set by The Yoga Alliance:

  • Techniques, training, and practice 100 hours
  • Teaching methodology 25 hours
  • Anatomy and physiology 20 hours
  • Yoga philosophy/ethics/lifestyle 30 hours
  • Practicum 10 hours

Jesse always encourages good conversation and critical thinking.  He prescribes to the idea that there is a difference between wisdom knowledge and memory.

Daily Routine

  • Asana practice: We all did the chosen practice on Yoga Glo app and discuss in a WhatApp group.
  • Asana Labs – Jesse created a private Youtube channel where he breaks down every pose individually.
  • Philosophy – We exclusively focused on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjli and The Bhagavad Gita as our source texts for philosophy.  We shared and discussed PDF copies and academic papers as a group or one on one.
  • Anatomy – Marinella Nesso, osteopath and yogini hosted live Zoom sessions on anatomy. We had 5 Zoom sessions with homework to follow.
  • One on One Chai and Chat – Jesse catched up with every one of us a couple of times per week.
  • Practice Teaching – This is a fundamental part of Jesses training programs. Before we start teaching to friends and family we had to vide

This takes an amazing amount of discipline on your part and also compassion for the limitations of technology and your teacher.  A standard training takes place in 4 weeks, that would require an investment on your part of 50 hrs a week. 

After the course support

When we successfully met the standards and requirements we received a 200hr Yoga Alliance Certificate-no different than if you have attended the course in person. 

Any 200 hour program or retreat that Jesse runs in the future I will give you at his cost: “If I’m hanging out, studying or on holidays somewhere in the world and you feel you want to come and work on a few things that weren’t clear because of the limitations or shortcomings of the course you’re welcome to reach out and I will do my best to accommodate and make time for you.”

“Wherever you are I’ll do my best to put you in touch with a teacher who I’ve practiced with or whom I know of.  I highly recommend and would ask that when you have the time or funding and in class sessions become an option again that you get take a master class or workshop.  There is no substitute for the real thing.” – Jesse Barlow

Would I recommend Jesse Barlow Online Yoga Teacher Training? Definitely. The main reason is that the program was self-paced, designed to serve each individual in the group. Second reason is accessibility. Jesse made everything in his power to be available for our questions and feedback. I believe feedback from your teacher is the biggest challenge while organizing an online yoga teacher training. However Jesse was always available for our questions and chat, no matter the time zone we were in.

Last but not the least, the training was professional and supported by many suggestions for future readings and exploration of yoga philosophy and yoga in general. The end of the training was only the beginning of the journey. Would you like to join?

You can find more about Jesse and his retrats, trainings and upocoming events here.

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