Indian state of Kerala lies at the south western part of India, along the Malabar coast. The birthplace of Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine, is definitely a special place with special people. It is a piece of heaven in the Indian subcontinent, where you will find some of the most friendly, honest, and humble humans on Earth.

To revel in the innocence of forests and the wisdom of ancient ways, to find answers in the mystery of mountains and strength in free, soaring lives.

Kerala – India for beginners

I fell in love with Kerala a couple of years ago when I was visiting “God’s Own Country” as part of the Kerala Blog Express trip. I discovered Kerala for 2 weeks, from the backwaters on dreamy house boats to high mountains of the Unesco World heritage site, Western Ghats. Up to this date, Kerala still holds a special place in my heart and I can’t wait to be back one day to explore more of this special place.

Since my return from Kerala I always recommend it to my friends, family and my readers. If you want to visit India for the first time and you don’t know where to go, Kerala is great starting point. It offers a gentle introduction to Indian culture and people. It’s safe, probably the most safe, state in India. It’s diverse, from hundreds of kilometers of beaches to ancient caves, from jungle safari to mountains and green hill stations, there is everything, no matter your preferences.

To walk the ancient streets that run across cultures, beliefs and ideas, to open wide the mind and watch the colours seep into each other and let the courtyard of the world make us human, all over again.

Where different religions coexist

In the Fort Kochi city you will find Christian churches and Hindu temples next to Jewish synagogues. It’s a peaceful place that proves different cultures, religions and ideologies can coexist. Not just in the same region or state, but in the same city.

Kerala, known as land of coconuts, also has the highest literacy rate in all of India. The average literacy rate in Kerala is 93% while the average literacy rate in India is 74%. In Kerala you will even find the first district in India with 100% literacy rate!

Another interesting fact is the life expectancy in Kerala. Yes, you guessed it right, Kerala has the highest life expectancy in India. At 75 years, this is 10 years more than the rest of India. Maybe one of that reasons for high life expectancy is the fact that Kerala is also the first state in India to offer free cancer treatment to the poor.

To believe in fearless minds and tireless feet, to brave the raging seas every day and walk side by side with hearts that beat in time with the waves.

Kerala – Land of adventures

Although Kerala has some of the most friendly cities in India, do not forget to visit the countryside. Explore village life and learn how people live first hand. They will help you (safely) climb your first coconut palm, maybe give you a drink of toddy. Toddy is a liquor made from coconut water, brewing right on the top of coconut trees.

Kerala is a great place to learn all about spices. So make sure to visit one of the many spice farms in Kerala. Get to know spices growing in their natural habitat. Spices are not only used in the kitchen. Ayurveda uses spices, herbs and other gifts of nature to treat many illnesses and diseases. Do not forget the green heaven – numerous hill stations where you can learn all about the worlds favorite drink – tea. You can even try to pick up your own tea leaves if you are there at the right season!

Kerala is a great place to dive into different kinds of adventures, from paragliding to bamboo rafting. I described my favourite Kerala adventures in this post:

7 Adventures of Kerala

Last but not least, do not leave Kerala without visiting some of its natural parks and enjoying a real Indian safari. If you are very lucky, you might spot a tiger in its natural habitat. Some of the reserves are the most well-preserved habitats for  tigers in Kerala which help the tiger population to grow. While they recorded only 71 tigers in 2010 in Kerala, the number rose to 136 tigers in 2014.

To go with the flow, along slow-moving canals, to find deep journeys in little country boats, to catch the drift of conversations under quaint log bridges, and discover close-knit lives on distant islands.

Fascinating Human ‘scape

This post was delivered to you by Kerala Tourism as part of global campaign of Kerala: Human by Nature. The campaign, drawn from real stories of the land, is centred around this way of life. It is an ode to the people of this land whose everyday lives are, in a way, epic in scale. The campaign emerged from continual conversations with travelers to Kerala, who over the years spoke of a fascinating human ’scape’, beyond the stunning landscapes.  

At a time when the world is exploring what it means to be human, Kerala Tourism portrays the real, yet fascinating, interplay of humans and nature in a land known for its open and inclusive way of life. Drawn from powerful human stories, the film is shot with a predominantly real-life cast. If you want to travel to Kerala right now, watch the video below.

However, all the opinions here are, as always, my own.

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