There is still some general belief that traveling is expensive. However there are many destinations where you can get more for your money, travel cheap and still have time of your life. One of low-budget destination is definitely Morocco. The best option is to travel to Morocco from Europe. Why? Because there are some low-budget airlines flying to Morocco and you can visit this diverse country for less than 100 euros. Best options are to fly from Italy or Spain, and travel in low season. I visited Morocco in december.

Main costs

1. Airfare – Airfare is usually the biggest costs but not in this case. Return tickets from Italy cost me 95 euros. The main reason for cheap price is low season in december. Another cost is transport to airport. I travelled from Slovenia to Milan airport to Italy with low-budget transfer company for 30 euros. On my way back I travelled from airport to Slovenia free by truck but this is another story to tell.

2. Rent a car – If there is one thing you should do before travelling to Morocco (besides booking a flight) is booking a rent a car if you are planning to travel by car (highly recommended). For 8 days rent a car we paid 226 euros (113 € per person) because we made reservation in advance with one of the biggest company. There are a lot of rent a cars in Morocco, local and international, but prices can be much higher if you don’t book in advance. Our friends rented a car in Morocco for three days and paid almost the same prices ad we did for eight days.

3. Surfing school – We decided to spent 5 days and 4 nights on Atlantic coast in surfing school near Taghazout. This was one of the best ideas. 5 days of surfing school, including accommodation with full board was 250 euros per person. This was one of the biggest expenses of our trip.

4. accommodation – Besides spending 4 nights at surf house we spent another 13 days travelling trough Morocco. We slept in hostels for 5 euros per night and in three star hotel in Morocco for 15 euros per night. For 13 days of accommodation we paid 141 euros per person, breakfast included. Of course you could find even cheaper places to sleep and save some extra bucks.

5. Gasoline – Since we rented a car and drove 2000 kilometers from Fes to Marrakesh over Atlas mountains we also spend 150 euros on gasoline (75 € per person) and paid 27 euros fine for driving too fast. Ury daisy.

6. Other transport – We travelled from Marrakesh to Agadir and back by bus and we paid 20 euros per person for the tickets. We also spent 20 euros per person for transportation from airport to hostel and vice versa. We also spend 45 euros per person for other transport such as taxis, local buses and touristic buses.

7. For shopping, gifts and other goodies such as spices, teas we spent 80 euros per person.

8. We had 10 dinners in restaurants otherwise we ate on the streets and were buying fruits from local markets. We spent 110 euros on dinners.

9. Street food, fruits, water, tips, drinks, parking, postcards, stamps, maps, guidebook, Fes tour guide, entrance fees and other necessities? 420 euros, which is app 12 euros per person per day.

Costs per person
Airfare: 95€
Rent a car: 113€
Surf school: 250€
accommodation: 141€
Gasoline: 75€
Airport transport: 50€
Other transport: 45 €
Shopping and gifts: 80 €
Dinners: 55€
Other: 210€

Price per person for 18 days in Morocco: 1.114 euros.

This price could me much lower of course. You can skip surfing school and do some other trips instead. You can also use only local transportation such as buses and railways. If you can give up few dinners and sleeping in three star hotel, final price would be few hundreds euros lower.

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How much did you spent on your trip to Morocco? What do you think of travel costs in Morocco?