My family had decided to take our grandma with us on our next trip. Brussels was next in line. The trip was fun and full of new experiences especially with my grandma who hasn’t traveled in years. Although we had to adjust to each other I gladly answered to all of her countless questions.
If you plan to take your grandma to your next trip, read what to expect …

My grandma and me in Oostedne, Belgium. The weather was awfull but we had a great day! (and obivously a terible cold - dont mind the wrinkled tissues)

Be ready to explain
If your grandma is not some super cosmopolitan granny who has traveled a lot prepare yourself for a lot of questions. My grandma went on a few trips but that was ages ago. Times have changed and she is not used to modern airports nor does she speak foreign languages.

So, prepare yourself to answer a bunch of questions like: ˝Why do I have to take off my shoes?˝ or ˝Why are we not allowed to bring liquids with us in the handluggage?˝ Those were just a few question but I was happy to answer them all. So, as said – prepare yourself to a lot of explaining and answering.

Prepare yourself to early morning alarm
I am not sure if there are any grandmas in the world who wouldn´t be awake early in the morning. I mean really, REALLY early. Like my grandma. She is usually awake at 5am. You see, I am more of a night bird and like to sleep in the mornings. But my grandma is my complete opposite.

Of course I was aware of the situation, but we shared our room therefore I asked her not to wake up so early in the morning because we were on vacation! We agreed not to make noise before 7am which is was still early but of course not for her! I needed a few days to adjust to my new and really early wake up hour.

Have a ˝plan B˝
As you can imagine, my grandma is not used to big cities because she lives in a small village with around 50 inhabitants. She is not used to metropolian traffic as well. One evening we went out for a walk, not far from our hotel. We were walking in straight lines and had only left turns so finding our hotel was really easy.

At one point she started to get anxious about our direction. ‘What If we get lost?’, she asked. Of course there was no way for that to happen. ˝I will kick your ass, If we get lost, I promise you that.˝she said and I bursted into laughter. I tried to convince her that I knew exacatly where we are and where is our hotel was. I told her how I was used to big cities and so on. But nothing helped. She was still worried.

To calm her down I needed to bring up something else, some kind of a ˝plan B in case we get lost˝. Just to calm her down. Since she wasn´t used to taxis I simply said: ˝You see, if we get lost, we will get one of those taxis. ˝But do they now where our hotel is?˝ Sure, it’s what they do, it’s their job, I answered. And then we were finally able to peacefully continue our walk.

Manneken Pis and my grandma in Brussels.

And don´t forget the goddamn earplugs
If your grandma snores a lot – and loud – take earplugs with you. It’s the only way to get a silent and peaceful sleep at night. And in case she does´t believe you what she does overnight – use your cell phone to capture her ‘night symphony’.

Just as I did. And I survived.

Grandma is someone who has silver threads in the hair but gold in her heart. Take her to a trip and make a memorable experience for her and for you.

Do you travel with your grandparents? What is your experience?