Morocco is such a diverse country so it is really hard to put together perfect itinerary if you are not planning to stay at least two weeks. From Atlantic Ocean to Atlas Mountains, from royal cities to Sahara desert – Morocco is definitely one of the countries that surprised me the most in terms of diversity. This is the greatest Morocco itinerary!

First and foremost, try to organize your trip from point A to point B and not as a round trip. Therefore you will save a lot of time and maybe money as well. There are many low budget airlines flying to Morocco from Europe so you have many options to choose from.

Pick arrival city in the north (Fez or Tangier) and departure city in the south-west (Marrakesh, Agadir) or vice versa. I travelled from north to south but it doesn´t really matter. What matters the most is which route you will choose. In general you have two options – Atlantic route on the coast or route over Atlas mountains.

I have discussed about the route with many travellers and most of them agree, the best option is over Atlas and through Sahara desert. (It is not really “through” but you will get a glimpse of Sahara on the way over Atlas Mountain. On this route you will miss Casablanca, but the only attraction worth visiting in Casablanca is Hassan II Mosque. It really is the largest mosque in whole Africa and the 7th largest in the world. It also has the world’s tallest minaret at 210 metres but that`s all. If you can live without seeing the biggest African mosque then head to Atlas mountains.

And for the movie buffs – none of Casablanca was filmed in Morocco, but many other movies were – Lawrence of Arabia, The Man Who Knew To Much, The Mummy, Gladiator, Sex and the City 2. Most popular movie place in Morocco is definitely Ouarzazate and it is included in the itinerary.
We will start Moroccan adventurous journey in the north, the city of Tangir and then we will travel south and ended up in Essaouira.

Tangier lies on the Strait of Gibraltar, around 30 kilometers away from Spain. Due to its strategic position there is a port which is worth visiting for fresh and cheap street seafood. 1 night is enough to get a glimpse of port city and move on.

This is the most beautiful town of Morocco also know as blue city. I suggest you to spend at least 2 night here and arrange a trip to Riff mountains.
You shouldn`t skip this UNESCO World Heritage Site by any chance! World famous tanneries is the biggest attraction in the city, besides the biggest medina in the world. This is one of the few places in the world where I hired a guide. Be ready to immerse yourself a few centuries ago. At least 2 nights.

Ride a camel and spend a night in the desert under the stars in Bedouin camp. Bedouine firebone party inclued! 1 night.

Todra Gorges and Dades Valley
One of the most beautiful gorges and paradise for rock climbers as well. Funky rock foundations are worth visiting as well. If you would like to explore region thoroughly, consider hiring a 4WD. 1 – 2 days recommended

Ouarzazate with Ait Benhadou
Already mentioned set for many classic and blockbuster movies with beautiful kasbah and oasis – truly movie scenery and paradise for photographers.

Azilal is meeting point for local and international travellers who are visiting the Ouzoud Waterfalls or Cascades d`Ozoud, 110 meters of waterfall. 1 night

Take your time in Marrakesh and try to find a room around crazy Jemaa el-Fnaa, main square in old town, you won`t regret it for a minute! It is shopping paradise, an awesome place for all kind of foodies and filled with snake charmers, story tellers, locals and tourists from all over the world. 2 day minimun

Taghzout is surfers paradise and place where Europeans surfers and german retirees spend the winter. If you are staying in the area visit Paradise valley. 2 nights.

I have to admit I missed Essaouira last time I visited Morocco but you shouldn`t make the same mistake. Known also as Wind City of Africa Essaouira is not spoiled by mass tourism and has bustling art scene. 1 – 2 days.

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Have you ever been to Morocco? Did I miss some important attractions in Morocco?